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Corporate Performance & Wellness Programs

PerformWell Corporate
Our corporate performance and wellness programs are tailored to both large and small businesses who want to reduce employee injury rates, promote health and corporate wellness among employees, and increase overall morale and productivity in the workplace. Programs are designed based on the needs of each company with respect to job type and the level of corporate wellness integration desired.
Benefits of Corporate Aligned Wellness
Reduces health risks and associated costs to the employer and employee. 
Priority diagnosis and treatment after injury will allow initiation of care much sooner, fostering faster return to work when injured. 
Improved employer-employee relationships. 
Improve employee retention and recruitment by promoting a healthy lifestyle through a supervised and clinically based program. 
Use of outcome measures specific to work demands can provide insight into program management and preventative policies. 

Benefits of Working with Performance Physiotherapy & Wellness
Highly experienced team of health care professionals with proven results in injury prevention, rehabilitation and work hardening. 
Optional provision of job-site workstation assessments. 
Job-site education seminars for your employees. 
Quality assurance through a professionally regulated corporation. 


Let Our Team Help Yours...

In 2012, WSIB statistics reported the average length of time lost per injury was 13.3 days when healthcare was sought out within three months of incident, compared to 7.4 days when healthcare was received within one month*. 

Allow your team early access to health services and improve time lost due to injury through: 
Easy accessibility to high quality, regulated care. 
Health and safety related education. 
Prevention Programs. 

*By the Numbers: 2012 WSIB Statistical Report| Schedule 1